We can file your return or

past year returns.

The Law Office of Thomas Stylianos can handle all of your tax problems.

Attorney Stylianos has over 25 years of professional tax experience!


2017 Tax Preparation Fees

For Tax Year 2016


$50.00   - Single

$80.00   - Married (No Dependents)

$100.00 - Single with Dependents (HOH)

$150.00 - Married with Dependents or Home

Starting at $175.00 - Rental Property

$250.00 - International Joint Return

                 (Married to foreign wife, IRC 6013

                   Election and W-7 for an ITIN)



Attorney Stylianos is a Certifying Acceptance Agent and can help get a Taxpayer an ITIN without sending your passport away.


International Taxation

We can help you file with your wife or husband who is still in a foreign country, so that when they apply for their visa, they will have a joint tax return for the Consular Officer!

(Frequently the filing of a Joint Return is a key piece of evidence during the Immigrant Visa Interview at the Embassy.)


Personal Tax Preparation During Tax Season

The Law Office of Thomas Stylianos does individual tax returns and

electronic filing at a price that can’t be beat.




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