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We do Divorces even when the Marriage is;

•Common Law Marriage

• Marriage in Refugee Camp

•No Marriage Certificate

•Husband or Wife missing

•Husband or Wife refuses to allow divorce








Common Problems:


• We got married in a Refugee Camp and do not have a marriage certificate.

No Problem -Mass. Gen.L. ch. 207, s. 47 allows proof of marriage by admission.


• We had a traditional marriage in Texas (or Rhode Island) and we never registered our marriage. No Problem -

If your traditional marriage is from a state Texas is a state recognizes traditional or common law marriages,

Massachusetts will recognize that marriage.


•I don’t know where the person I am married to is. No Problem – we can serve them by publication and mail,

even if you last saw them in a foreign country or many years ago.


Divorce Restrictions

We will do a Divorce in Middlesex, Essex and Suffolk County, if:


 There are no assets to fight over, there is no issue as to who will have any children. We are always willing to do the divorce where the divorcing couple has come to a fair agreement on everything. While we will help mediate any disagreements, we are not mediators and we will represent only one party in a divorce.


Income Tax Preparation

We can file your return or

past year returns.

The Law Office of Thomas Stylianos can handle all of your tax problems.

Attorney Stylianos has over 25 years of professional tax experience!


2017 Tax Preparation Fees



Personal Tax Preparation During Tax Season

The Law Office of Thomas Stylianos does individual tax returns and

electronic filing at a price that can’t be beat.




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