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I have broad experience in Immigration Law.  My passion for immigration law began in 1998 when I represented a Cambodian-Chinese woman in seeking Asylum on a case where she had missed the 1 year filing deadline.  The case was ultimately successful and she was granted Asylum by the Immigration Judge. She now lives in the United States with her husband and children.


From that time on, the Immigration part of my practice grew. Today, my office does mostly Family Immigration – including Embassy Processing, Deportation Defense, Waivers, Appeals of Decisions, BIA  Appeals, District Court Litigation and Petitions for Review. We do Petitions for Spouses, Parents, Siblings, Children, Fiancés, Naturalization, Removal of Condition

(10 Year Green Card), Orders of Supervision and ERO Surrenders.







Attorney Thomas Stylianos


Beyond the everyday work my office performs, I am particularly proud of having the leading 1st Circuit case on Widow eligibility for spousal visas. Taing v. Napolitano, 567 F.3d 19 (1st Cir. 2009).  Another point of pride is my active and successful practice today responding to Spouse cases that have been returned from the Embassy after interview to USCIS be revoked – I am quite successful in rebutting the Embassy request and getting the Spouse here.  I do Joint Tax Returns in the Office where there is a Foreign Spouse.  As I became a CAA (Certifying Acceptance Agent), therefore we can complete a W-7 ITIN request without sending your foreign spouse’s passport to IRS.  We have found that filing a Joint tax return with a foreign Spouse is something the Embassy likes to see.



Since the late 1980s, I have been involved professionally with the preparation of personal income taxes.  Prior to my admission to the Bar in 1994, I was an Enrolled Agent.  I still keep current with tax matters, but it is not a full time effort. I am a member of the United States Tax Court Bar and have litigated cases before the Tax Court including a significant case on Veteran’s rights that made the Internal Revenue Service change position and cease taxing certain rehabilitative veterans benefits.

Wallace v. Commissioner, 128 T.C. 11 (2007)


Personal Injury, Litigation, and other Matters


I have a fairly busy Personal Injury practice.  We do Auto Cases, and some Workers Comp. We are not so large or busy that your case will get lost. We try hard to pay personal attention to each case.  We can settle or sue, it just depends on the case and what the victim’s goals are.  We do litigate cases in other areas. Our acceptance is on a case by case basis, but we are available to represent plaintiffs and consult on possible litigation.  We do Divorces and Child Support matters. I take pride in being able to do most divorces, even where there is a missing party.  We do Social Security cases – SSI and DI.

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